Weavercat is a 24 yr-old female thing who doesn't know what she wants to do in life. A current art-student who has rediscovered her love of prehistoric critters. I'd like to work as scientific/medical illustrator someday.
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    (Photo from: http://store.academyart.edu of a collapsible water-container)

    In my defense I’ll add that yes, my dirty-water is in an opaque cup similar to my tea-mug. Also, I know that almost all of the cadmium-based colors and cobalt are indeed poisonous. I know that. It would also take several tubes of undiluted paint being ingested for symptoms to occur. 

    And folks, the water doesn’t taste anything like tea nor juice. It’s awful. And some colors will stain your teeth if the water is saturated enough. I had red teeth for an evening once…

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    Hahaa… I love that folks like this. I really need to stop using my tea-mug as a water-container. XD

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