Weavercat is a 22 yr-old female thing who doesn't know what she wants to do in life. A current art-student who has rediscovered her love of prehistoric critters. I'd like to be a scientific/medical illustrator someday.

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FFFFFFFFFFFFFFfuck you paper that is supposed to be 14”X17” (or 35.6cmX43.2cm) that is really 14 and 16 1/4 or 1/3 and it’s all because of a freaking perforation to tear out the fucking paper. D: Gotdammit. 

WHY? All I want is paper and you screwed me over. D: Oh well. I can work around this. 2 rectangles on each page 7”X11.5” is okay. Got a 1” outside edge on three sides and a 1.5” edge on the side to be attached to the book. I could probably go down to 0.5” on three sides and 1” on the one side but.. I am nervous. So we’ll see. XD