Weavercat is a 22 yr-old female thing who doesn't know what she wants to do in life. A current art-student who has rediscovered her love of prehistoric critters. I'd like to be a scientific/medical illustrator someday.

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I have a proposal for you all…

So, who wants to do an Exquiste Beast with me?

The idea is to start with a lump of a creature, then once or twice a week or so, the artists take turns drawing the next ‘evolution’ of the beast.

If anyone is interested in this, message me, and we can work out what days  we’d be able to post on. I think at most, we can do it with 3 people (myself and two others). Message me and let me know if you wanna do it.

The original tumblr that started it all: http://exquisitebeast.tumblr.com/