Weavercat is a 24 yr-old female thing who doesn't know what she wants to do in life. A current art-student who has rediscovered her love of prehistoric critters. I'd like to work as scientific/medical illustrator someday.
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    Weavercat: Day 6


    Oh gosh, guys: Almost done with a full week! Congrats to everyone! Onto the picture. We learned a little about Wife 7, Heska, and now we get to learn about Humphreys’ first wife, Princess Adeline. Not Queen. Nope. He only has a Queen when he proposes they rule together as equals. Adeline is uncharacteristically nice for a BirdFolk lady. She is kind and gentle. She’s great friends with Maid and has helped put together the funding for the first girls-school.

    It’s a shame that her health has always been fragile. This is but a small preview of a larger image I’m going to work on for a little bit. Got some basic pencil shading on there. It’s a sad subject but well, with the news of Mr. Ray Bradbury passing… I’m in an odd mood about death and dying.

    If any of you ever have any questions about the BirdFolk please ask me. I love answering questions. I adore questions. I want to know what YOU folks like. What YOU want to see. Is there anything in particular you want to know about the BirdFolk?

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